June 19, 2014

Here Is What Was...

A quick recap of our recently concluded continental spring living room tour:

* 14,000 miles (are we there yet?)
* 48 shows (TCB)
* 6 mountain passes (none named Caradhras... jorth)
* 5 rental vehicles (seriously?)
* 5 amplifiers (seriously.)
* 4 treks across the Mississippi River (mighty, muddy)
* 3 morel hunts (empty handed)
* 2 oceans (neither named Billy)
* 2 Chicago deep-dish pizzas (cheesy dreams)
* 1 llama tattoo (trademark pending)
* 1 vehicle smash & grab (doubleplusungood)
* 1 Hedwig & The Angry Inch show (doubleplusgood!)
* 1 April snow storm (no foolin'!)
* 1 Petroglyph National Park visit (retro)
* 1 Hank Williams' gravesite hang (hey, good lookin'!)
* 1 Dayton Air Force Museum dash (D-Day, folks. Thank a vet!)
* 1 Airstream slumber party (sweet dreams)
* 1 moonshine-filled night under the stars (fuzzy dreams)


* A multitude of inspiring new friends & familiar faces (the best, ever)...

For all the hosts who opened doors & hearts & homes for love of song, for stalwart friends, for tireless promoters & organizers far & wide, for the collective generosity of so many incredible people, we say--nay--shout THANK YOU! 

You made our spring magical. These shows may have been unplugged, but every night felt electrified.

Enjoy your summer, good people. We'll see you in the fall.



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April 30, 2014

May Dates! May Dates!

Our Spring Hopes Eternal (Mostly Living Rooms) Tour continues. 10,000 miles down, another 7,000 or so to go. We've traversed mountains, plains, deserts & coastlines... Weathered sun, rain, sleet, snow & wind... Encountered drunkards, thieves, lovers & friends... We went through five amplifiers, two vans, three mountain passes & an entire bottle of vitamin B. And it's only intermission. In short, it's a gas.

That being said, we hereby heartily invite you to join us for Act II, for there is no time like the here (& there) & now.

From the 1st of May through the 27th, we'll be tackling various midwestern and eastern American locales. Let's do this, fellow bipeds. Yes, let's.




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March 06, 2014

Spring Living Room Tour Dates

The first leg of our spring Living Room Tour has been announced. Dates galore right here. Very excited to be headed westward again. These shows have limited tickets available, so you've been kindly warned! If you see your town posted, pretty please come join us. If you don't see your town posted and you'd like to inquire about hosting a show, please write us at vandaveer@undertowmusic.com.

Lastly, here's a beautiful poster our new friend, Mark Brabant designed for the tour. Lovely, ain't it? We'll have a limited supply of copies on hand at a living room near you. For you. 

We love you. You're the best. Ever.





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